How to tell if your pooch needs a dog coat

It is not uncommon to see dogs parading around in cute dog coat. But do they really need to wear clothes in the wintertime? Dog clothes are adorable. You can buy them in different sizes, styles, colors, and patterns. Some pups hate them, but many of them are willing to wear clothes without any fuss. Let’s take a look at why your pooch may benefit from a little extra attire.

Additional layers for short-coated breeds

It is important to consider what type of natural coat your dog has when choosing dog clothes. Some dogs have thick coats and are literally created for the snow. Putting a clothing piece on a dog with a dense coat is unnecessary and may even make them feel uncomfortably warm. For breeds with short hair, however, a dog coat can provide an extra layer of insulation that helps regulate their body temperature and keep them warm.

Small breeds need help keeping warm

Small dogs are more likely to need some protection in cold months than large dogs are because they have a harder time maintaining body heat. Some small dog breeds also have short hair, so they do not have the defense against the cold that long-haired dogs do.

Cold temperatures are harsh for older dogs

Aged dogs are more likely to need to wear clothes during cold weather than healthy adults are. They may have problems generating and retaining body heat, so clothes can give some warmth and comfort. What is more, old dogs are prone to conditions that may require clothes, such as arthritis. For these dogs, cold temperatures could cause discomfort or even pain.

Helping your pooch stay clean

Wearing clothes can be beneficial to both you and your dog in terms of keeping them clean. Less dirt on their coat means fewer baths and a cleaner environment.

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